• Photos of the Kent State University 2013 Bowman Cup 5K Race.


Running America is produced by Nehst Studios.

NEHST is a content financing, development, production, and distribution company that integrates the most powerful trends in entertainment and technology today. NEHST creates, produces and distributes feature films, TV, and new media in all outlets. We link them through a network of service-based web communities and products.

NEHST embodies the innovative premise that the business of content development and distribution is fundamentally about niche marketing, community, and branding. By harnessing technology, the experience of its team and a deep understanding of the digital revolution, we are building the next generation entertainment network.

Because of this clear focus, NEHST is discovering and producing the types of content people want. This enables us to work with established talent, develop new talent, and create compelling, high-quality content for film, TV and the web.

NEHST is actively building a slate of theatrical films and other media. We are funding pictures in the 2 to 50 million dollar range. We are also pursuing co-production opportunities, distributing completed projects, gap financing, and finishing projects in need of completion.

For further info: www.nehst.com