• Photos of the Kent State University 2013 Bowman Cup 5K Race.

Great Days Ahead

Running America 2008 may be over but the goals will live on. My goal of changing America’s attitude towards childhood obesity will continue until the job is done. My personal goal of exploring my physical and emotional limitations will continue. And my goal of breaking the Trans Continental record will live on until I am successful.

Running America 2008 was a complete success on many fronts. We touched thousands of lives as we crossed the country. We visited towns and schools that we will always remember. We saw landscapes and sunrises that are now etched into memory. Running America was never about running for me. It was about having an experience, learning more about myself and interacting with Americans. Running is the selfish part that is necessary for me to forge ahead. Having a goal is critical. Reaching it is not so important. My goal was to set a new record. That didn’t happen this time. Maybe I will reach this goal next year.

Optimism abounds in America right now and I plan to remain optimistic about my chances of breaking this record. I made many mistakes in planning for RA08. The work load leading up to it was overwhelming. I was exhausted even before I started running. Thankfully Marshall was able to benefit and fight thru to the finish. He has run for a very long time and he truly deserved this opportunity.

That’s it for today. I will continue to post blogs here every couple of days, for the time being, I will be announcing my next adventures in the very near future.

As always, thanks to all of you who have tracked this journey and helped me along the way.


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