• Photos of the Kent State University 2013 Bowman Cup 5K Race.

Cast And Crew

Film Crew

The Running America Team Feature Film Crew

It takes many talented creative and tech people to make a movie. Nehst has put some of the brightest and best film people in the business on the crew shooting this historic run – check them out, and watch for the movie coming soon!


crew kevinKerwin

Kevin Kerwin

Kevin Kerwin is a writer/director and co-founder of Authentic Films in Cleveland, Ohio. Kerwin has won the Milos Foreman Screenwriting Award, the Austin Film Festival’s Best Comedy Screenplay, and Best Director at the Stratford-Upon-Avon Int’l Film Festival. Kerwin is a three-time finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. His debut feature, Filmic Achievement, screened over 20 film festivals and will be released in 2009. He holds an MFA from Columbia University.

Kerwin’s commercial work has been featured in Shoot Magazine (“The Best Work You May Never See” June 2008), Adweek, The One Club Creative Showcase, and was named a “Top Spot” by Creativity. His work has won numerous awards including two National Addy awards.

Kerwin comes from a family of athletes – his father played in the NBA and ABA, and his grandfather was the head swim coach at the University of Pittsburgh. Kerwin played basketball at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and is an avid triathlete and cyclist, regularly competing in age group races across the country.


crew kateoniel

Kate O’Neil

Kate O’Neil is a producer and co-founder of Authentic Films. After a career in nonprofit consulting, then in business development, O’Neil produced her first feature film Filmic Achievement – which screened in over 20 film festivals, garnering the best feature and best director nod. The film is slated for a 2009 release. O’Neil has produced numerous commercials, including the highly-awarded Akron Children’s Hospital campaign “Real Stories” which has been featured in Adweek and Shoot Magazine. Her work has won numerous awards – including two National Addy awards.

O’Neil has also been recognized for her work in the art world – she is the founder of Exhibit: Cleveland, a neighborhood project that brings artwork to vacant storefronts. She holds an MNO from Case Western Reserve University.


Andreas von Scheele, Director of Photography

Andreas has worked as a creative in the entertainment and advertizing industry for over 13 years. His feature film, Anna’s Thread, and short work have screened at festivals around the world. As a specialist in branded entertainment, he has crafted work for Swarovski, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Veuve Clicquot, Givenchy, Alexandre Plokhov’s Cloak, and Tod’s. He is the creative director of film production at the brand studio, Territory, and is Director of Marketing at the fashion film collective FLY 16X9. From 2003-2006 he was president of International Media Films, a library of 30 classic Italian films, including Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Andreas is an interdisciplinary Honor’s graduate from Villanova University.


Rick Baraff, Second Unit Director of Photography

All roads have lead Rick to the Running America project — both literally and figuratively. As a top adventure racer, ultra-endurance athlete and a veteran cameraman, Rick are able to understand all the angles of this amazing event. A few resume highlights that lead here: Finishing the Eco-Challenge Fiji as a racer, being a member of the camera crew for Eco-Challenge Borneo, completing three Primal Quest expedition races as a competitor and filming Primal Quest Montana 2008, climbing 14,000 foot mountains while shooting video for TV shows, filming documentaries in the Himalayas, knowing Charlie and Marshall from various events around the world, working on all manner of Hollywood film and TV productions, and having director Kevin Kerwin’s dad as his elementary school gym teacher! Yes, like Kevin, Rick hails from Pittsburgh, PA (Running America will skirt just north of this fine city!) and is a die-hard Steelers fan. He has a film studies degree from the University of Michigan, is an accomplished screenwriter with a few awards and a few optioned scripts, and has served as a script consultant/analyst for many well-known production companies over the years. He’s most at home while not at home — running through forests, rivers, mountains, and America capturing unique and incredible stories.


Liz Rubin, Director of Photography, 2nd Unit

Liz is a cinematographer who aims to capture extraordinary experience, tell extraordinary stories and to create imagery that speaks to our collective unconscious. Liz is particularly interested in projects that take us on a journey, explore cultural intersection, sustainability, and explore the limits of the human experience. She collaborates on ALL types of projects domestically and internationally on everything from the conservative to the radical. Liz not only enjoys collaboration and working on a team but feels lucky to absolutely love what she does. Recent collaborations have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, at SilverDocs, and have been honored at various other film festivals around the world. Some of her cinematography has been on projects that have been distributed by Fox, sold to the Sundance Channel, broadcast on over a dozen syndicated networks, and screened at over 100 film festivals, various museums and in art galleries in the US and Europe. Liz grew up in the vibrant NY of the 70’s and 80’s but, got her start on the west coast, managing Film Festivals. She spent over a dozen years working on Hollywood crews on a long list of credits, some of which include HBO’s “Deadwood” and various shows on Discovery Channel. She works as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator and lectures at NYU-School of Continuing Professional Studies. Liz is currently based in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ”


Steve Clack, Key Sound

Steve Clack is a musician-songwriter turned to video and documentary soundman. Born and raised in Elmira, New York, he led workshops on dealing with prejudice at youth leadership conferences while in high school and went on to study psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. Graduating in 1996, he traveled and lived abroad for the next several years, getting immersed in the cultures of India and Indonesia, as well as the “foreign land” of Texas. He began his sound recording career in 2001 with Log In Productions, working under the direction of veteran documentary filmmaker Slawomir Grünberg, and is currently working through his own company, Bent Marble Productions. Projects he has worked on have screened on PBS, NBC, HBO, Nickelodeon, and Polish television, as well as in major film festivals around the world.


Corey Gegner, Assistant Sound/Assistant Camera

Corey Gegner was raised in Fanwood, a suburb of central New Jersey. He got his start in film at the age of 16 assisting on local independent sets. His experience ranged through several departments which resulted in a stronger understanding of the medium. Corey’s curiosity in the industry grew, which ultimately led to a small leap into Manhattan to attend the School of Visual Arts in 2004. He is now a recent Graduate with a degree in Cinematography. He has shot several music videos and short films including “My Dead Brain”, which received an award for Best Cinematography at the 19th Annual Dusty Film Festival. He has also recorded sound for several short films and documentaries including “New Haven Preservation”, a visual stroll through New Haven’s Historical sites and the opposing government forces trying to shut them down. In the future, Corey hopes to combine his passion for uninhibited travel with visual storytelling.


Robert Ruggeri, Production Manager

Robert Ruggeri has worked in film and television production for the past seven years. During that time, he has worked on seven feature films in a wide variety of roles from First Assistant Director to On Set Dresser. He has also worked on music videos, viral videos and hundreds of local and national television commercials. His work in film and television has moved him to New York City, Los Angeles, and Arizona. Recently, he has settled down in Cleveland, Ohio where he is an Associate Producer with Authentic Films.


Joe Rowley, Production Coordinator

Over the past eight years, Rowley has worked in television and film production as an actor, writer, dialogue coach, freelancer and as a personal assistant to the actor James Gandolfini on the hit HBO series the Sopranos. Rowley currently divides his time between Los Angeles and Cleveland. Joe Rowley is a 2003 graduate of the Actors Studio drama school in New York.


Run Crew

Runner Support Team
Behind the scenes, executing a run from West Coast to East Coast takes a team of experts. Charlie and Marshall have many support people working to make sure the gun is safe, doing logistics, and supporting nutrition and health, among others. Here is our team:


Heather Ulrich, Runner’s Crew Coordinator

Heather is the wife of Marshall and has had extensive experience crewing for Marshall over the years. While her degree is in environmental journalism, she often jokes that her professional titles have included marketing, business development, and technical editing — three things she never studied in school — in the environmental, energy, and high-tech fields. Heather has reached the summit of two of the Seven Summits, Mount. Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mount Kosciusko in Australia, and climbed with Marshall on Mount Elbrus in Russia. She was also thrilled to be able to visit Mount Everest base camp in Tibet. While she definitely says that she is *not* a runner, she has finished a 50-mile and a 25-mile run, both completed about five years after her first 10K. Heather’s most interesting story may be her survival of a boating accident in the Bering Sea, near Adak in the Aleutian Islands off of Alaska, in January 1990 when she survived 17 hours in the overturned boat. Heather has a Wilderness First Responder medical certificate and will be Marshall’s primary mental support system.


Paul Langevin, DO

Paul is an Osteopathic physician currently living in Casper Wyoming with his wife Jennifer and two children Thomas and Andée. Prior to this, they lived in Italy where he served as a Naval Flight Surgeon working with a helicopter squadron that performed missions throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Paul’s passion for running began at an early age while running around the mountains of Vermont’s Long Trail trying to keep up with his older brother. Paul began his perverted love affair with ultra marathons while in living in Italy when he traveled Europe with the family, arranging vacations around different races. To this exciting event, Paul not only brings his love of sports medicine and experience in emergency medicine but also years of experience with osteopathic manipulation. With his off beat sense of humor and wealth of useless trivia, he will bring a lot of energy to the run.


Jesse Riley, Marshall’s Crew Chief

Jesse is best known for organizing four amateur stage races across the U.S. from 1992-95 in an attempt to resurrect the legendary “Bunion Derbies” of 1928-29 that celebrated the opening of Route 66. He also organized a professional stage race across Australia in 2001 won by Russia’s Anatoly Kruglikov (the current 24-Hour World Champion). He was the sole running advisor to Al Howie during Howie’s record 4600-mile Trans-Canada solo run in 1991 and also ran 40 miles a day alongside Howie during this run. Jesse is a veteran of many multi-day races and solo runs, including two of Marshall Ulrich’s trans-Colorado races. a solo run across the U.S. in 1997, a solo run across Australia in 1998, a victory at the Lewis & Clark race in 1989 (across Washington State), and many of the late Sri Chinmoy’s races in New York, where he achieved his 1000-mile PR of 18 days, 5 hours. The son of two college professors, Jesse longs to retire to his study someday and complete several volumes of memoirs on the human drama of ultra running.


Kathleen Kane, Massage Therapist

As an independent, self-employed massage therapist, Kathleen has enjoyed the practice of massage therapy for 17 years since graduating in 1991 from Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kathleen joined the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) in 1991 and has learned much through the continuing education classes she has attended since then. Her practice is broad based, running the gamut from hospice massage to sports massage, and everything in between. Some of her earliest sports massage experience was providing a message to her four children and their teammates between their events during high school track meet and tennis matches. Kathleen has massaged people of all ages and sizes, and with varying conditions. She sees herself as facilitating the body in healing itself.


Roger Kaufhold, Driver

Roger was born in 1938 and was raised in a suburb of Saint Louis attended Southern Illinois University. He has two children and three grandchildren and is proud to report that all of them are talented and beautiful. He is retired after 35 years with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where he worked in advertizing, design, and sales; and he served as Treasurer of the St. Louis newspaper guild for 25 years. In earlier years, Roger was a licensed pilot and showed horses, and also served as County Commissioner and union activist. His hobbies are motorcycles, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and mountain climbing. In recent years, Roger climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa along with 7 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. In his spare time, he enjoys house remodeling and helping other people.


David Pearson, Driver

Dave Pearson has spent a lifetime engrossed in sports. His team sports career began in elementary school and carried him through college, and he has played softball since 1989. He began running marathons in 2005 and has competed in numerous marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons since. He lives in Fort Smith, Ark., and is the father of three sons, Tyler, Ryan and Kaleb.


Chuck Dale, Charlie’s Crew Chief/ Trainer

Sports and fitness trainer Chuck Dale have been a competitive athlete for over 25 years. He began competing in marathons and triathlons six years ago and quickly moved into ultra-marathons. He’s screwed four years for American ultramarathoner Charlie Engle in the Badwater Ultramarathon. Chuck was the sports trainer and massage therapist for the runners involved in Running the Sahara, where Charlie, Ray Zahab, and Kevin Lin conquered the desert becoming the first modern-day runners to run the entire expanse of the Sahara Desert. Following Running America, Dale will join a team running across Nicaragua as part of Agua Nicaragua, a project to raise awareness of the need of safe drinking water for the people of Nicaragua. Chuck brings experience and discipline learned from 11 years in the Air Force and the Riverside, California Sheriff’s Department to all his athletic endeavors. When he isn’t pushing his body to the limits running and biking, he enjoys rolling on the mats in mixed martial arts. When Dale isn’t seeking global adventure, he resides in Arkansas, where he enjoys spending time with family and friends. For more information visit www.chuckdale.com.


Heather Ulrich, Communications, and Runner Advocate

Heather is the wife of runner Marshall and has had extensive experience crewing for Marshall over the years. While her degree is in environmental journalism, she often jokes that her professional titles have included marketing, business development, and technical editing — three things she never studied in school — in the environmental, energy, and high-tech fields. Heather has reached the summit of two of the Seven Summits, Mount. Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mount Kosciusko in Australia, and climbed with Marshall on Mount Elbrus in Russia. She was also thrilled to be able to meet Marshall at the north-side Mount Everest base camp in Tibet after Marshall’s successful climb of Everest. While she definitely says that she is *not* a runner, she has finished a 50-mile and a 25-mile run, both completed about five years after her first 10K. Heather’s most interesting, but sad, story may be her survival of a boating accident in the Bering Sea, near Adak in the Aleutian Islands off of Alaska, in January 1990 when she survived 17 hours in the overturned boat. Heather has a Wilderness First Responder medical certificate, and will be Marshall’s primary mental support system.
Heather will be the communications coordinator for Marshall, including providing blog content and will complete other tasks as needed. Heather will also serve as an advocate for Marshall and Charlie so that, each day, “all” they have to worry about is running almost miles. That should be enough for them, huh?

Jennifer Longpre, Charlie’s Crew, Medical Support

Jennifer was born and raised in small town Pennsylvania. After completing her undergraduate degree she moved to Greensboro, NC where she attended UNCG and received her Master’s in Nutrition with an emphasis on Cellular/Molecular Nutrition. While working on her graduate degree she attended the local community college and completed credentialing for EMT-B and EMT-I. Jennifer has worked the past year for Guilford County EMS and loves every minute on the truck. She is currently applying to the Peace Corps with hopes to go to Africa to work with Health Care programs. Jennifer’s athletic interests lie in triathlons, martial arts, and running. She just completed her first 1/2 marathon and will be completing her first marathon on October 26 in Washington D.C. she will be back to NYC in time to see Charlie make history! She also has signed up for the Costa Rica Coastal Challenge in January. This is her first time working as a crew member and she is really excited for the adventure ahead.

Brian R. Weinberg, Charlie’s Crew, Environmental Director

Brian Weinberg, Running America’s youngest crew member, is a Senior at the University of North Texas double majoring in Spanish and Finance. As a world traveler to over 22 countries so far, Brian has become a passionate community activist for environmental and poverty-related issues. He is the Director of Recycle to Eradicate Poverty; a program of The Chiapas Project that recycles cell phones to fund microfinance loans to the poor. Their latest project is to beat the One Million Cell Phone Challenge; recycling one million cell phones to save 350 trillion gallons of water from being polluted and help 100 thousand people rise out of poverty through microfinance.

Charlie and Brian are both proud members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, sharing the common bond to be “balanced men,” and produce positive change in the world. During Running America, Brian will be working to reduce the expedition’s impact on the environment as “Green Director,” the liaison to SigEp, and everything in between.

Additional on call Support for Marshall and Charlie

Ray Zahab

Ray has coached Marshall for Running America and will play a big part in Marshall’s success. Having run 4,500 miles with Charlie Engle across the Sahara Desert, he brings a wealth of experience with his coaching. From life’s changes and challenges, Ray brings vast experience, gritty determination, an infectious personality, and his incredible limit-pushing nature to coaching endurance athletes, clinics, symposiums and motivational speaking. An up and comer, Ray has already proven to be a dynamic and captivating speaker. Ray applies lessons he has learned from the desert to everyday life in order to motivate people to achieve greatness in life, help them discover their passion, and face challenges in a positive manner.
Ray also splits his time speaking to schools, fundraisers and special events such as Special Olympics, Canadian Olympic Association, Icebergs to Sand Dunes…Our Changing Planet, Riverside Resolve Center, Guts, and Glory, Youth Business Network End Child Poverty, plus much more.

Tom Schoen

Tom the pastor at a church that he and his wife, Faye (who happens to be Heather’s cousin) founded, and also serves as the hospice Chaplin in Winona, MN. Tom is the very proud parent of three wonderful children and is an even happier grandfather to one grandson. Tom comes from a family of 13 children, and learned to use his voice — he is an amazing singer — at a young age.