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5 Benefits of using a Rowing Machine

You remember those kayaking and rowing boats which your parents used to take you to on holidays? Those weren’t easy to row and required a lot of upper bodies and lower body strength to manage it.

So, next time when you see your parents, remember that they went to a lot of trouble so that you could enjoy in the river or the lake. A rowing machine mimics the actions of a rowing boat and is an upcoming exercise technique which has become a favored sport in many gyms. It can not only help you in losing all the extra fat but also helps in toning your muscles and body.

Rowing Workout

If you’ve been planning to get one yourself, make sure to read reviews before buying your first rowing machine.

That’s not all though, a rowing machine has several other benefits like:

1. Effective for weight loss

A rowing machine has known to be really effective in losing weight as it can burn almost 600 calories in an hour. Yes, you heard us right! You can easily get a rowing machine at home and work out on it every day for half an hour and you will be able to lose your weight in no time at all.

2. Increased muscle power

If losing weight was not enough, then rowing machine offers you another benefit which is that it increases your endurance level and muscle power.

Once you start rowing regularly, you will notice that you are able to sit through a longer workout without feeling any tiredness. This comes really handy for all those athletes who are preparing for their games and need to up their stamina.

3. Easy to learn and use

Another great advantage of using a rowing machine is that it is extremely easy to learn and use. The functions and features which it comes with are super easy to understand and you can use them easily after just 1 minute of following the instructions.

In fact, it actually feels effortless and feels more like you are actually rowing a boat. All you have to pay attention to is your posture, rest is easy-peasy.

4. Low-Impact Cardio

Many people are unable to perform a high-impact cardio exercises like running, cycling, etc. because of their weight or other knee related injuries but rowing is a low-impact cardio exercise which doesn’t apply any added pressure on your joints and provides you with a pain-free and effective workout. Just remember to keep your posture correct and you can forget all about the workout injuries now.

5. Low Cost

This is probably one of the best reasons for using a rowing machine, it is low cost and you can buy it for your home too.

A lot of us are reluctant to hit the gym and perform all the workouts which makes a rowing machine a god in disguise as you can get this beauty at home and exercise at home from now on.

You can find a rowing machine in all the price ranges and can find one which suits your budget so you don’t have to worry about spending too much when you decide to buy one for your home.

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